Our philosophy

Digital Capital Factory invests in companies related to digital innovation which are becoming leader in their division.
We are not an incubator, we are not a venture capital. We are successful and passionate people.
Do not come to us just to find a investor, we will build a big company.

Founded in 1999 by Massimiliano Squillace and Nicola di Campli, Digital Capital Factory has made more than 20 investments in four continents, focusing on the technological sector.
Our experience in the industry and the wide network indicate that we are able to do our job, furthermore among our associates we claim to have worked with people from all around the world, adding more value to our company portfolio. Until today we have concluded 6 exits among the USA and Europe.

The world has already changed so much it has somehow become smaller, easily attainable and well connected. Big firms are able to come from any place. It doesn’t matter where they come from (their starting point is), they still need to reach every angle of the world to become leaders in their own division. Consequently, investors must change, and traditional investments steps have been turned upside down by growing companies because they have users and revenues increasing extremely at a higher speed. Successful investors should be able to identify not only potential category leaders, but they should also provide a real value to firms, in order to obtain the possibility to invest in them.

We operate with a unique international structure, focusing on two main strategies: the creation of value for the companies in our portfolio helping them and supporting them in order to make them become category leaders, and the persistent research of new investment opportunities. The team gets on well and is highly balanced, being composed of people who know what they want in order to build a global community, and they share the same path by working together for over 10 years as employers and investors. In addition to that, there are also new members able to bring innovation and further skills to the group.

Our country team of specialized managers is an essential part of the way through which we support our portfolio companies. Therefore, they can count on a business network that doesn’t fear rivals and an exceptional track record, as far as the connections/relations all over the world and the development competency owing to our partners in London, Miami, Buenos Aires and Tokyo. We also share the best ideas and innovations with all of the portfolio companies coordinating everything from our office in Milan, which deals with analysis activities, marketing operations and public relation.

We are always in continuous search for excellent firms which have a cutting edge technology and have the will to put themselves out of their comfort zone or have a disruptive business model, which show real intentions of investing in their own potential and primarily firms which are willing to become or are already leaders on an international level in their division, with an appreciated trademark by users and clients. We want our portfolio companies to get huge and always innovative market opportunities.


We are aware of how team quality of startups is fundamental in order reach success. We are very careful therefore in the valuation of startups supporting our projects and we also believe collaborators’ training is a huge aspect. We want our startups to have a high success potential, thus we appreciate employers who show big devotion, intelligence and broad perspective capabilities. For these same reasons, we underline that Digital Capital Factory is a full time commitment for our teams.

We can guarantee a collaborative working environment, the support of expert tutors, a high training in order to refine the needed skills for a startup, as well as networking opportunities unable to be offered by anyone else. Digital Capital Factory aims at creating startups that can have strong entrance and businesses ready for the investment stages.