How can we get funding for our startup?
Please request online for our next loan cycle. We finance and become startup partners four times a year.

How much do you invest?
We become partners in order to make your idea successful. The average investment cut is 50000 euros, but there have been startups which we invested 5000 euros in and others in which we invested 300.000. Our decision is based upon the path you lack to get to success.

Do we need to make a business plan?
Not for us. We make financing decisions based on our application form and personal interviews. We love demos, but we have never read business plans.

Do you sign an NDA? How do I know my idea won’t be stolen?
No, we do not sign an NDA. No venture company does. But it is our love for business that would never make us copy any idea.

Our group has two ideas. Can we present two applications?
Sure. But please remember the target, it should be better to present with two different founders.

Do you finance more startups that work on the same idea?
Yes. Since we set up many companies it is inevitable that there could be some overlays.
The way through which we operate is this: when two startups are working on the same sphere, we do not refer to a firm what the other is working on.
This has never been a problem, since the majority of big markets have enough space for different solutions and it is highly unlikely that two startups are dealing with the exact same project.

Why didn’t you accept our application?
As strange as it can seem, the better the application, the less the probability of it being accepted. So please do not take it personally. The reason is that even the best investors are not so good at understanding what is working best.

We have already worked on our start up for a little time. Is Digital Capital Factory suitable for us?
We have financed a lot of similar start ups. To be honest, we particularly like them.

We have already acquired some funding. Can we still join?
Sure. We helped financing many start ups that previously gained other fundings.

We actually do not have the need for money. Can we still make an application?
Half (or maybe more) of the start ups we finance do not need money. In fact, money is just a small part of what Digital Capital Factory does. The money we invest works more as a financial support. We offer international network, new fund raising and many other ideas.

What if we are getting involved in something expensive?
We keep financing you, but instead of accomplishing your project in three months, the main objective is to build a design idea which will insert investors in the next steps in order to acquire more money.

Do you finance only startups that focus on the digital industry?
Our love and our big know-how is related to the digital but we also finance start ups of any kind.

Can a single person request the funding?
Yes, but the probabilities to be accepted are lower. A start up is too much of a burden for just one person.

I have a big idea for a start up, but I do not have the technical expertise. Can I still ask for the finance? Can you help me find programmers to implement my idea?
We take in consideration the finance of your project, but the possibilities of obtaining it are ten times higher if you are able to find specialized operators yourself.
It is clearly recommended that you find them yourself perhaps through friends or acquaintances, instead of only us looking for them. Usually, teams built in order to set a start up are in risk of not dealing with stress easily. There is the need of a professional and human relationship so that it can cope stressful situations.

We do not want funding, but can we give us any advice?
Unfortunately we can’t. We have invested in so many companies that in order to support them we do not have any available time.

I’m coming to Milan, can I visit Digital Capital Factory?
Of course, ours is an open space. Come visit us.